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12 Gigantic Exhibition Stands for Maximum Impact

By January 12, 2018 No Comments

  1. Multi-Room Tunnel

The concept for this booth is massive and houses several different areas to accommodate traffic and different demographics for a large brand. Some rooms are in a meeting style while others have a children’s play area and relaxation chairs for different ambiences while the design itself is quite neutral and has a sky overhang. The tunnel effect is interesting and the segmentation allows for brands that cater to different traffic types at once without falling short in any particular area.

Credit: Gradien

  1. Looming Arches

Focusing on décor and high rises, this booth uses the branded arches as both a sponsorship opportunity and a way of attracting attention on the exhibition floor. It then uses specialised meeting areas to have one-on-one discussions with guests to meet their needs. Also the addition of foliage can add dynamic décor while also adding familiarity to suit the booth.

Credit: ioanddesign

  1. Playtime

It’s statistically likely that attendees at consumer shows will either have kids with them or at home,, or they are young enough to have a child mentality so concepts like this can be popular. It’s a fairly simple idea by using the different display toys to box in the open space and then allow attendees to use each product to test it (and have fun) but it works. The open space in the centre is clearly included but allows plenty of foot traffic while the front and centre manned booth helps passing guests have their questions answered and be able to interact without committing to the booth itself.

Credit: Yourlink2China, Top Bright Animation Group

  1. Curvature Viewing

An excellent way to draw in attendees is to take them on a journey and create an immersive experience like this example at the San Francisco Wildcards Exhibition accompanying the ACADIA conference. With plenty of space to play with the different elements of this curved display it can showcase new ideas and feed one onto another while using a semi-circle to create a mini pod to enhance the viewing experience. The different areas can give interesting atmospheres although still part of the same installation and the unique shape can entice others to get involved and view

  1. Adaptable Building

Adaptability can be the key objective if you want a lot of elements on a smaller budget and this is an excellent idea to execute this. Each element of this booth is build from large blocks that have adapted to a welcome podium, digital screen holder, signage display entrance and various walls and partitions to ensure privacy and meetings on the exhibition floor. Although this booth hasn’t used much height, it still looks intricate and effective while offering the necessary elements to make an exhibition stand successful.

Credit: EverBlockSA

  1. Massive Concept

An example concept of a massive booth design that will definitely make an impact with its product viewing area, front desk for answering questions and discussions as well as the meeting point above for full corporate usage. This booth also has digital screens, brochure holders, signage and information so that no part of the stand is not being used and with plenty of branding opportunities it is guaranteed to be unmissable.

Credit: Addiksi Kreatif Imagi

  1. Giant Containers

It’s easy to see why this won “best booth” at this 2017 event because it’s combination of multi-tiers, rigging and outer red carpet add different dynamics and create a venue atmosphere within the trade show venue itself. The actual booth is comprised of modified shipping containers which allow for various levels and different entertainment and catering for attendees while the “red carpet” service around the perimeter is both functional for queues and adds a sense of exclusivity drawing more guests to it.

Credit: Acme Made In America Inc.

  1. Large Atrium

This 150 sqm booth approaches things differently by enclosing the outer edges and creating a mini atrium with different seating heights in the middle. Using digital screens that are facing inwards the brand can display different elements depending on the seating arrangement while from the outside there is branding, signage and brochure display options so that even if you are just passing you can be included in the message. This encourages areas where the booth staff can discuss with the attendees and look at ways to engage with them on a personal level rather than interacting with the booth.

Watch the booth build: